Differences between PUR/PIR and rock wool sandwich panels

Sandwich panels are very versatile insulation systems, consisting of two sheets, usually made of metal, between which there is an insulating core. The characteristics and performance of sandwich panels will therefore be determined by the type of material they contain...

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Elastomers for bollards

In the road safety environment, the choice of materials has a direct impact on the effectiveness of protective measures. Elastomers have gained prominence in the manufacture of bollards, playing an essential role in the creation of safe environments. This is the case...

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Closed Cell Polyurethane Floor Spray

Polyurethane spray foam insulation is increasingly being used for its excellent thermal insulation performance and adaptability to the unique characteristics of all types of substrates. But once this system has been chosen, a final decision has to be made: closed-cell...

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Refrigeration doors and panels with Polyurethane systems. Injection and adhesive systems

Refrigeration doors and panels are essential elements in the design of cold rooms. They are key to proper thermal insulation to keep temperatures under control. In this context, polyurethane plays a crucial role in the manufacture of doors and panels. There are mainly...

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Foam for ground consolidation

The proper consolidation of land is key to guarantee the stability and safety of structures, roads, railways, etc... In this task, one of the most effective systems is the application of polyurethane foam by injection, which converts unstable ground into solid...

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Polyurethane composite for applications other than shower trays, such as skin panels or countertops

Polyurethane rigid polyurethane systems have evolved to go far beyond their initial role in shower trays. Today, they are already an integral solution for a variety of applications. Constant innovation in polyurethane composite promises to continue to expand their...

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poliuretan Spray S-303 HFO

Case Study: Poliuretan Spray S-303 HFO

Thermal-Acoustic Insulation of single-family houses with Synthesia Technology's Poliuretan Spray S-303 HFO system.




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