Refrigeration doors and panels with Polyurethane systems. Injection and adhesive systems

Refrigeration doors and panels are essential elements in the design of cold rooms. They are key to proper thermal insulation to keep temperatures under control. In this context, polyurethane plays a crucial role in the manufacture of doors and panels. There are mainly two methods of production of cold doors and panels, injection of polyurethane foam between the sandwich panel cladding or gluing with a polyurethane adhesive an insulating core sheet to the sandwich cladding.

Refrigeration doors and panels with Polyurethane systems. Injection and adhesive systems


Polyurethane systems for refrigeration doors and panels

Cold doors are the main access point to cold rooms, hence the need for optimum construction. This is achieved by the ability of injection moulded polyurethane foam to adapt to a wide variety of volumes, filling cavities and creating strong, efficient structures that maintain the internal temperature of the cold room.

Polyurethane injection systems in refrigeration doors and panels have become the most popular for their ability to uniformly fill spaces and offer high thermal resistance. This process allows the creation of hermetically sealed doors and panels, thereby reducing temperature leakage and optimising energy efficiency.

Synthesia's SynthePUR range of products is particularly suitable for insulating and filling cold rooms and panels, some of which have recycled content, thus having an impact on their carbon footprint. 

In addition, Synthesia also offers adhesives that are especially suitable for bonding insulation cores in the form of sheets with the corresponding coating for the production of cold rooms and cold panels.


Properties of these polyurethane injection systems

Polyurethane injection systems in doors and refrigeration panels have the capacity to adapt to different shapes and sizes, filling gaps and covering cracks. In this way, coverage is total, eliminating cold spots and ensuring optimum thermal insulation. In addition, these systems offer excellent adhesion to the substrate, so the resulting structure is very strong and durable.


Benefits of using Polyurethane systems

The use of Polyurethane systems in the manufacture of refrigeration doors and panels facilitates high thermal efficiency, since it allows precise control of the internal temperature of the cold rooms, which translates into significant energy savings. In addition, the airtightness prolongs the useful life of the refrigeration installation and reduces maintenance costs.


Other applications

Although polyurethane casting in refrigeration systems plays a key role, it is also useful in other applications. Cast-in-place panels are used in the construction of structures that require thermal insulation, such as refrigerated warehouses and processing rooms. In addition, cast polyurethane panels are also used in the manufacture of specific equipment, improving the overall efficiency of cooling systems.




PUR/PIR Sandwich Panels Differences

PUR/PIR Sandwich Panels Differences

The production of polyurethane rigid foam sandwich panels has become a fundamental tool for high performance building systems.



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