Spray System S-403 HFO: efficient insulation for holds in the shipbuilding industry

The use of systems such as 9762-Z ensures efficiency and safety in the shipbuilding industry. Although traditional casting is the predominant method for insulating holds, spraying with S-403 HFO spray is also an effective solution, as we will see below.

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3 Keys to saving energy in construction

One of the great challenges facing buildings today is to implement systems, technologies and elements that help to use electrical energy in an optimal way to avoid waste.

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Spraying systems for mechanical stabilisation of plastic bathtubs

High-density polyurethane foam spray systems are used to produce high-strength, reinforced plastic bathtubs. They are easy to apply and are safe and environmentally friendly solutions.

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Sandwich panels: an example of durability and sustainability

Sandwich panels are a very effective insulation system, with an efficient performance in all types of climates. For this reason, it is an indispensable tool in the energy renovation of buildings, as well as in new construction. 

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The use of polyurethane on farms: livestock farms sandwich panel

The farm panel, livestock sandwich panel or agropanel is designed to withstand aggressive environmental conditions. The gases and corrosive environment of these environments would quickly deteriorate the outer metallic layer of conventional sandwich panels. The farm...

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Waterproofing swimming pools with polyurea elastomer

In addition to its applications in the building sector, polyurethane also plays an important role in the industry sector. Thanks to its waterproofing function, it is an ideal material for the coating of swimming pools. Read more


poliuretan Spray S-303 HFO

Case Study: Poliuretan Spray S-303 HFO

Thermal-Acoustic Insulation of single-family houses with Synthesia Technology's Poliuretan Spray S-303 HFO system.




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