Polyurethane Systems for building and industry

Polyurethane designed to improve energy efficiency

Sprayed polyurethane is an in-situ polyurethane manufacturing system, which is applied by spraying the two components (polyol and isocyanate) onto the substrate. The chemical reaction of this mixture, to which an expanding agent is added, generates a rigid foam with...

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How to improve energy efficiency with polyurethane

Achieving energy efficiency in buildings is key to achieving the sustainability agreements of the European Union's 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. It is not in vain that energy consumption in buildings contribute significantly to the climate...

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What is energy efficiency in construction and how is it achieved?

Energy efficiency or energy saving is a fundamental tool for mitigating the climate crisis. It is not in vain that 40% of the energy produced in Europe is consumed by buildings, of which 60% is used to heat homes. And, much of the air conditioning is still achieved...

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Advantages of Polyurethane Spray S-303 HFO for wall insulation

Synthesia Technology's Polyurethane Spray S-303 HFO is a sprayed  polyurethane thermal insulation system. Its great advantage is that, with the lowest layer thickness, the highest insulating performance is achieved.

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Advantages of polyurethane insulation in house walls

Polyurethane insulation in house walls is the most effective way to achieve a high degree of energy efficiency, which is essential for saving on consumption and emissions; all without reducing interior comfort.

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Environmental volunteer action with team players from the Rugby Club of Mold

Committed to the environment

On February 18th, Synthesia organized an environmental volunteer action coinciding with the visit of the U16 team players from the Rugby Club of Mold, Wales (United Kingdom).

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Fire response of polyurethane: false myths

Polyurethane systems surround our daily lives, however, we still hear some voices that call into question the response of polyurethane in case of fire. 

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