Polyurethane in sports, fashion, and work shoes

Polyurethane is a very suitable material for footwear of all styles, although it is most present in sports, due to its high impact absorption and resistance. But we can also find any fashion design made with polyurethane.

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Polyurethane medical applications: biocompatibility and resistance

The versatility of polyurethane makes it widely used in medical and pharmaceutical applications. There are polyurethanes that are biodegradable and harmless, and offer excellent benefits such as durability, flexibility and resistance. It also stands out for its...

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Sprayed polyurethane foam: an optimal insulating material

Polyurethane systems are one of the most used materials for buildings insulation due to their excellent properties. Their structure guarantees air tightness, impermeability, the absence of joints as well as a low thermal conductivity, which allows buildings to have a...

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Sprayed polyurethane foam systems for facades and partition walls

The acoustic insulation of facades and partition walls of a building is essential to guarantee the quality of life of its occupants. Among a multitude of materials with which we can insulate facades, sprayed polyurethane foam is presented as an optimal material to...

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Case Study: Synthemad 9369-L-Z-150

SYNTHEMAD 9369-L-Z-150 is a two-component polyurethane system designed for the manufacturing of moulded parts of high technical value in a wide range of densities. It is especially indicated in different sectors such as the furniture and the automobile industries,...

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Case Study: Poliuretan Spray S-OC-008E

Poliuretan Spray S-OC-008E is a polyurethane system made up of two components – a polyol mixture and an isocianate – that is sprayed in-situ to form low-density open-cell foams for thermal and sound insulation purposes. Poliuretan Spray S-OC-008E has been formulated...

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poliuretan Spray S-303 HFO

Case Study: Poliuretan Spray S-303 HFO

Thermal-Acoustic Insulation of single-family houses with Synthesia Technology's Poliuretan Spray S-303 HFO system.




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