Polyurethane medical applications: biocompatibility and resistance

The versatility of polyurethane makes it widely used in medical and pharmaceutical applications. There are polyurethanes that are biodegradable and harmless, and offer excellent benefits such as durability, flexibility and resistance. It also stands out for its...

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Biological protection equipment: advantages of polyurethane

Biological protective clothing is essential for the safety of healthcare personnel and caregivers, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic that we are experiencing. These garments must be resistant, safe and durable to protect the professionals 100%.

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Polyurethane in orthopedics: better comfort and biocompatibility

The use of polyurethane in medical technology allows innovations that improve people's quality of life, as well as significant cost savings. Its durability and quality as well as its good acceptance by the human body make polyurethane a key material for the design of...

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Does polyurethane have any effect on health?

In previous articles we talked about the myths about the behaviour of polyurethane in case of fire. Today we want to talk about other myths circulating about this material, this time in terms of its effects on health. Is polyurethane toxic? Is it dangerous for people?...

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Polyurethane systems in laboratory technical equipment

Polyurethane is a polymer commonly used in laboratories, not only as part of the experiments being carried out, but as part of the industrial products that constitute the technical equipment of a laboratory.

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Case Case Study: Waterproofing of Underground walls Urespray P-500

Urespray P-500 is an elastomeric system based on pure polyurea formed by the reaction of two liquid components applied by mechanical spraying and fast drying.




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