Waterproofing with Urespray P-500, P-700, F-75 and F-100 polyureas

Polyureas are elastomers formed by the reaction of two components: polyol and isocyanate. Once applied, the polyurea generates a continuous and high-resistance waterproofing coating.

Waterproofing with Urespray P-500, P-700, F-75 and F-100 polyureas


Advantages of polyureas as waterproofing

Using polyurea for waterproofing offers many advantages. The most important ones are:

  • It provides elasticity, hardness and wear resistance.

  • It is very resistant to the sun and to weather phenomena, maintaining its characteristics as the first day.

  • It is walkable, since it allows light pedestrian traffic.

  • It adheres to any surface and adapts to any support, however irregular it may be.

  • It has a uniform finish thanks to the absence of seams and joints.


Urespray F-75 and F-100


The main applications of the Urespray F series are in the construction and industrial fields, mainly for waterproofing (F-100) as well as coating of thermal insulating materials (F-75 and F-100), mainly rigid polyurethane foam.

The product should be applied when the insulation is exposed to the weather, both indoors and outdoors, such as cold rooms, farms, tanks and surfaces that require frequent washing, as well as when an aesthetic finish is required.

Foam characteristics

The Urespray F series is an integral coating, without joints or overlaps, and offers excellent adhesion to PUR foam. If applied on other surfaces, the adhesion and the use of primers must be tested.

It has a great resistance to water and chemical agents, and its short curing time allows its application on vertical surfaces.

The application form, by projection, facilitates the coating of surfaces with difficult shapes, since it creates an integral and resistant film, perfectly attached to the substrate.

The fully cured elastomer, as it is a 100% polyurethane sheet, has no toxicity and is inert and insoluble in water and in most organic solvents.





Average applied density

1.100 kg/m3

1.000 kg/m3

Traction resistance

12 N/mm2

19 N/mm2




Tear resistance

35 N/mm

90 N/mm


85 ShA

95 ShA



Urespray P-500 and P-700


Urespray P series’ main applications are in the construction and industrial fields, essentially to leak-proof and protect roofs, rooftops, balconies, parking garages, concrete structures, water tanks, sea industry, foundations, theme parks, etc., as well as for elastomer covering of expanded polystyrene and polyurethane foams.

Spray application means that irregular surfaces or areas with complicated geometries can be easily covered, forming a uniform film.

Foam characteristics

The Urespray P series is a high-elasticity integral coating, without joints or overlaps, and it provides waterproofing. Due to its rapid drying (less than 5 seconds) it is walkable within a few hours of being applied, depending on environmental conditions.

The completely cured Urespray P series system has waterproofing properties and excellent mechanical properties such as resistance to abrasion, traction and tearing. It also presents very good behavior at low temperatures, as well as a great chemical resistance to most chemical agents.





Average applied density

1.000 kg/m3

1.000 kg/m3

Traction resistance

23 N/mm2

83 N/mm2




Tear resistance

95 N/mm

41 N/mm


95 ShA

72 ShA


On this article you can read further details on the Urespray P-500 system.


Are you interested in polyureas waterproofing? Download the following video to observe the waterproofing of a roof with one of the Urespray systems:

Roof waterproofing with polyurethane Urespray F-75 - Download video



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