Polyurea for figure coating

Polyurea is a two-component synthetic polymer, which after being applied by hot spraying and at high pressure solidifies in 4-6 seconds. The result is a material similar to plastic or rubber, very stable to weathering, waterproof, elastic and very hard, very resistant to traction, high temperatures, wear and tear and many chemical substances and organic agents. 

Polyurea for figure coating


It can be applied by projection on floors, ceilings, and vertical elements such as those found in swimming pools and fountains, achieving any thickness in a few minutes. In addition, it is an environmentally friendly material as it is 100% solid and does not contain solvents or substances that damage the ozone layer or contribute to global warming.


Advantages of its application compared to other materials

The fast curing of polyurea -in seconds- makes it the most suitable material for application on vertical surfaces, also covering difficult shapes and recesses, as can be found in figures and decoration. It forms an integral, watertight and highly resistant coating.

In addition, polyurea coatings are highly elastic and adherent coatings, capable of curing quickly even in cold and damp environments. The result is a continuous, cross-linked membrane, without joints or overlaps, permanently adhered to the substrate whatever its material (ceramic, metal, wood, polyester, concrete, etc.). Additionally, it can be sanded, polished, and painted.

It is an abrasion-resistant and bacteriologically stable material, which makes  it very suitable for the food and health sectors, as well as the automotive and construction industries.

To these advantages of polyurea, it must be added that it is very cost-effective due to its price, durability - which far exceeds that of other materials - and because it does not require any building work for its installation. Likewise, people and machinery can circulate almost immediately on the surface where it has been applied.

Polyurea withstands extreme temperatures and humid environments, while maintaining its high curing speed. The result is a membrane with very high chemical and extreme abrasion resistance.




Polyurea in decoration and scenography

Other applications of polyurea systems are found in the world of decoration, scenography, and ephemeral architecture. Both its resistance and its very good adhesion to all types of surfaces make this material an ally for decorative elements in theme parks, where resistance to the passage of people and climatic phenomena is key.


Polyurea for figure coating


A sustainable material

Polyurea is an environmentally friendly product that can be recycled at the end of its useful life. In addition, it is 100% solid and contains no solvents, does not release, or emit volatile organic compounds during its application, requires very little energy to produce, generates very little waste and is very durable.

At Synthesia we have the product Urespray P-500 available for coating figures and for other purposes, such as waterproofing and protection of all types of surfaces.





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