Low-density, open-cell spray insulation

Air leakage through the building envelope accounts for about one third of the air infiltration in buildings. To improve indoor comfort and promote savings, it is necessary to install an insulation system that eliminates thermal bridges and ensures airtightness.

Low-density, open-cell sprays provide a continuous and uniform layer, effectively preventing air exchange between the inside and outside of the building.


Low-density, open-cell spray insulation


Advantages of Low Density Open Cell Spray

Other materials do not offer the advantages of low density open cell spray. It is a maximum performance system that provides all of these benefits:

  • Helps improve indoor air quality. It eliminates draughts and condensation and minimises air and moisture infiltration, preventing mould and mildew. It also significantly reduces dust and pollen infiltration.
  • It reinforces structures and protects against damage caused by, for example, frost.
  • It remains unalterable over the years.


Low-density, open-cell spray insulation


In short, the thermal insulation offered by open-cell spray achieves:

  • Economic and energy savings. The open cell spray helps to achieve significant savings throughout the year, improving energy efficiency by guaranteeing airtightness from the first moment after installation. Thus, air conditioning the interior will be more economical, so it is an investment that is recovered in a few years. It also increases the value of the property and makes it easier to sell.
  • Greater comfort and healthiness. With open cell spray, draughts are suppressed and hot and cold spots are reduced, thus achieving a uniform temperature throughout the house. What's more, it is the best choice for improving the quality of life of users in noisy environments: open cell spray effectively insulates acoustically and protects from outside noise.
  • A total airtightness. Open-cell spray protects buildings by preventing dampness and minimising the growth of mould and mildew. Likewise, it is not affected by microorganisms and, with its sealing effect, it prevents pests from entering the interior of the home through cracks or gaps.

On our website you will find Synthesia Technology's outstanding products for open-cell polyurethane spray systems; Poliuretan Spray S-OC-008E, Poliuretan Spray S-OC-008 and Phono Spray I-905.




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