Case Study: Synthemad 9369-L-Z-150

SYNTHEMAD 9369-L-Z-150 is a two-component polyurethane system designed for the manufacturing of moulded parts of high technical value in a wide range of densities. It is especially indicated in different sectors such as the furniture and the automobile industries, technical parts, furniture for electrical appliances, computers, mouldings, ornaments, frames, etc.

Case Study: Synthemad 9369-L-Z-150 in imitation wood beams



Use of SYNTHEMAD 9369-L-Z-150 product for the fabrication and moulded of imitation wood wall beams. SYNTHEMAD rigid industrial imitation wood polyurethane systems are specially designed for moulded parts manufacturing, in a wide range of densities and reaction times.

It is noteworthy that this product is compounded of HFO (hydrofluoroolefin) foaming agents, which make it have a very low Global Warming Potential Index (GWP), as products with HFO represent a great reduction in CO2 that makes them ecologically sustainable.


Synthemad 9369-L-Z-150


Advantages of SYNTHEMAD 9369-L-Z-150

Polyurethane use in decoration opens up a wide range of possibilities. In this case study, we can appreciate clearly the great definition of texture that can be achieved with this material, specifically in the imitation wood.

The beams made with polyurethane have high density, which provides that their level of detail is of an excellent quality.

The material obtained achieves a great resistance and durability, with the advantage of being more economical than wood, and it requires practically no maintenance.


Case Study: Synthemad 9369-L-Z-150 in imitation wood beams


Case Study: Jázena Poliuretanos, decorative use of polyurethane

The aim of the project is to design and build a wine cellar for a private use in the province of Almeria (Spain). The customer wanted to change the current use of the basement of his private home to turn it into a wine cellar.

The company Jázena Poliuretanos, a Synthesia Technology customer, started to work closely with the customer, guiding them from the design to the execution of the project to get as close as possible to the desired result.

Once the design, advantages and characteristics of the product have been approved, all the necessary polyurethane pieces are manufactured so that the walls of the wine cellar have the desired visual effect of wood and, at the same time, achieve great thermal and acoustic insulation with them.

  • System: SYNTHEMAD 9369-L-Z-150.
  • Place: Almeria (España).





PUR/PIR Sandwich Panels Differences

PUR/PIR Sandwich Panels Differences

The production of polyurethane rigid foam sandwich panels has become a fundamental tool for high performance building systems.



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