Case Study: Poliuretan Spray S-OC-008E

Poliuretan Spray S-OC-008E is a polyurethane system made up of two components – a polyol mixture and an isocianate – that is sprayed in-situ to form low-density open-cell foams for thermal and sound insulation purposes. Poliuretan Spray S-OC-008E has been formulated using water as the only foaming agent and is free of ethoxylated nonylphenol.

Case Study: Poliuretan Spray S-OC-008E in modular buildings



The Poliuretan Spray S-OC-008E system is sprayed according to a mixing ratio of 1:1 by volume using high-pressure equipment provided with heating means. Its main application is the improvement of thermo-acoustic insulation in building walls, ie both partitions between rooms and facades. Once sprayed and cured, it has a density ranging from 7 to 12 g/l and a core density ranging from 7 to 10 g/l; these values are typical for a 200mm coat.

The Polyuretan Spray S-OC-008E system does not contain foaming agents that damage the ozone layer.

Low density polyurethane systems are insulation systems that provide a total suppression of thermal bridges. They avoid the formation of joints or cracks and they offer a good adhesion to the substrate, so using glues or adhesives for their installation is not necessary. Besides, they can be easily transported and stored.


Case study - Poliuretan Spray S-OC-008E


Advantages Poliuretan Spray S-OC-008E

  • No need for pinning or fixing, the foam adheres perfectly to the substrate.
  • Foam retains its shape and adhesion, even while the building is in operation.
  • The Poliuretan ® Spray S 0 C 008 E system thermally insulates and improves the soundproofing of the building.
  • The system reaches every place, free from thermal bridges.
  • The product has a positive opinion of the National Institute of Hygiene.
  • Poliuretan ® Spray S OC 008 E is an excellent insulation solution due to its thermal and acoustic properties.
  • It has a very good fire reaction classification Euroclass E.
  • It allows to reduce the costs of heating and air conditioning the building by eliminating heat loss.
  • Quick application


Case Study: Poliuretan Spray S-OC-008E in modular buildings


Case Study: application of Synthesia Technology polyurethane foam as insulation in modular buildings

In this case study, we would like to present the use of Synthesia Technology systems for insulation residential buildings based on steel structures, the new technology in Polish construction market.

  • System used: Poliuretan® Spray S-OC-008E.
  • Place of application: Subcarpathian Voivodeship (Poland).
  • Execution time: 5 days (spray foam application 2 days).





PUR/PIR Sandwich Panels Differences

PUR/PIR Sandwich Panels Differences

The production of polyurethane rigid foam sandwich panels has become a fundamental tool for high performance building systems.



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