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Polyurethane systems offer great versatility in decoration thanks to the possibility of imitating different finishes and decorative materials. Polyurethane allows the making of different types of mouldings, from integral skin finishes to the imitation of brick, stone or wood. All these decorative solutions manage to renew the appearance of interior spaces without having to do great works.

Another form in which polyurethane can be present when decorating a property or a house is by frames. Decorative frames are a functional and elegant option of decorating walls, giving a different look to the room without having to spend too much money. Decorative frames can have a classic style or more modern and avant-garde lines.

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Faux wood polyurethane frames

Frames made with polyurethane systems aim to be part of the decorative composition of the room.

Thanks to the different finishes offered by polyurethane systems, these frames allow us to combine colours, positions and textures in order to highlight some areas or others. Within this range of possibilities, faux wood polyurethane frames are a very versatile option since they can be used in any environment, from spaces with a more industrial, classic or rustic decoration, to premises that recall vintage aesthetics.

These frames contribute to outline the style of the decoration of the room allowing to distinguish different zones within the same room. Framing a mirror or creating a photography composition, for instance, all of that trying to respect a distance of at least 20 centimetres with the furniture in the room and without adding too much extra weight to partitions or walls.

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Synthemad 9369-X polyurethane system for the manufacture of faux wood frames

At Synthesia Technology we manufacture a polyurethane system that offers a solution for faux wood frames. This is the Synthemad 9369-X polyurethane system.

The system is designed for making moulded pieces of high technical value in a broad range of densities. It is specially suitable for use in such diverse sectors as the furniture industry, mouldings, adornments, frames, etc.


Synthemad 9369-X polyurethane system components

  • Component A: Polyol 9369-X / 9369L-X-150. A mixture of polyols containing catalysts, additives, surfactants and foaming agents.
  • Component B: Isocyanate H30. MDI (Methylene diphenyl diisocyante).


Would you like to learn about the technical characteristics of this system for manufacturing faux wood frames? Request the factsheet on our contact page:

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