Elastomers for bollards

In the road safety environment, the choice of materials has a direct impact on the effectiveness of protective measures. Elastomers have gained prominence in the manufacture of bollards, playing an essential role in the creation of safe environments. This is the case with SyntheCOLD PT-9860-95L Inc, industrial cold elastomer systems and SyntheCAST PT-1195 industrial hot elastomer systems designed for the production of moulded parts.

Elastomers for bollards


Properties of elastomers

The elastomeric materials used in the manufacture of bollards are polymers capable of recovering their original shape after being subjected to deformation.

Their properties include high viscosity and elasticity, which make them capable of absorbing impacts and resisting permanent deformation. In addition, their flexibility and resistance to torsion, their resistance to abrasion and weathering, all without losing their properties, are added to other valuable qualities such as chemical resistance and damping properties, thanks to which they absorb and dissipate the energy of impact or vibrations. This makes elastomers the ideal material for safety bollards.


Advantages of using elastomers in bollards

The choice of elastomers in the manufacture of bollards has several advantages derived from the properties mentioned above. Their high elasticity allows the bollards to efficiently absorb and dissipate impact energy, significantly reducing damage caused by collisions. 

In addition, their flexibility allows the bollards to bend and deform without permanent damage, which contributes to their durability. In addition, the abrasion and weather resistance ensures reliable performance even in adverse environmental conditions. 

On the other hand, the ability of elastomers to act as shock absorbers helps to minimise the forces transmitted to underlying structures during impacts, thus providing effective protection in traffic environments. 

Finally, the ease of manufacturing and moulding of elastomers allows the creation of specific designs, adapting to the particular needs of road safety installations.

Elastomers for bollards


Characteristics of the bollards

Elastomer traffic bollards, which differ from bollards in that they are smaller in diameter and higher than bollards, are essential elements in road safety, guiding pedestrians and separating areas where cyclists or pedestrians pass from vehicles.  In fact, elastomer bollards for pedestrian areas are a very common element in cities. But they also play an important role in the protection of infrastructures (shop windows, buildings, ATMs, etc.).

The bollards have a high shape memory, are resistant to UV rays, as well as to shocks, twisting and external aggressions. Depending on the product, the fastening systems may vary, as well as the outer lacquered layer. They can be manufactured in all kinds of shapes, colours, sizes and silk-screen printing, adapting to the needs of each case.


Other uses of elastomers

The properties of elastomers make them a key material in a number of industries. This is the case in the automotive sector, where thermoset elastomers are used in the manufacture of tyres, in the creation of certain seals designed for automobiles, as well as in the production of components that are exposed to hot conditions during operation.

But they are also used in the production of everyday products, such as shoe soles, neoprene suits, elastic clothing, etc.

In the construction industry, they are used in the manufacture of sealants for repairing cracks and voids, as well as in the creation of adhesives and insulating materials for electrical cables.

The oil industry uses synthetic elastomers to manufacture hydraulic seals, which are essential to prevent leaks, as well as hoses and other components.




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