Case study: Syntox-FA and Urespray P-500 (Poliurea)

Waterproofing of the Cerro Almodovar Park Auditorium (Madrid). Synthesia Technology's combined system was chosen to protect against leaks and seal structures: Syntox-FA primer + Urespray P-500.

Urespray P-500



URESPRAY P-500 is a polyurea elastomer system formed by the reaction of two fast-drying liquid components (polyol and isocyanate) at room temperature applied by
mechanical spraying.

Syntox-FA is a 2K (two components) epoxy anticorrosive primer, cured with polyamide and corrosion inhibiting pigments. Hard films with high protecting properties are obtained with this product.

As can be seen in the picture, the condition of the stadiums concrete was in an appreciable state of deterioration:

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Preparation and application

Initially, we should proceed to:

• Repair of cracks/fissures.
• Treatment of expansion joints.
• Opening of the substrate pore by polishing.
• Substrate cleaning.


Application of Syntox-FA Primer:

It is the first product to be applied. It must be homogenized before use and applied by brush, roller or airless spray gun, ensuring ventilation is available in closed places.

Any humidity condensation on the substrate to be treated must be removed before applying the Syntox-FA Primer.

It is important to apply the product at temperatures above 5ºC on substrates that may be at dew point temperatures in order to avoid possible condensation. The dissolution of the product should only be carried out with the diluent DISOLVENTE1-FA. The suitable cleaning solvent is the DISOLVENTE2-FA.

Application of URESPRAY P-500 Polyurea:

It is applied after having applied the Syntox-FA product. The practical method of application is by means of hot spraying equipment, with the following characteristics:

• Pressure of the components: 150-200 bar.
• Preheater temperature: 70-80°C.
• Hose temperature: 70-80°C.

In cold environments it is recommended to regulate the temperature of the components pre -heaters to equalise pressures and guarantee good mixture. It is recommended to apply in two or three layers to reach the optimum thickness (approx. 2mm).

URESPRAY P-500 can be pigmented in different colours, in this case red.


Urespray P-500



The excellent properties of URESPRAY P-500 Polyurea allow to optimally rehabilitate any type of surface:

  • Polyurea adheres to any surface thanks to its versatility, which makes it the ideal product for application on irregular areas.
  • It also adheres to any type of material: cement, concrete, polyurethane, wood, metal, etc.
  • This product is extremely hard, wear-resistant and characterized by its great durability, being inert to temperature fluctuations.
  • It is a waterproofing system with a uniform finish, which makes for an easy-to- maintain surface.
  • In addition, its fast reaction guarantees leak-proofing properties in less than 3 hours, although its optimum conditions are reached in 24 hours.
  • Urespray P-500 can be pigmented in different colours by adding in-situ inorganic pigments. In this case, red pigment was applied.

Urespray P-500


Final result

The application by spraying allows to cover areas with an irregular surface or areas of very complicated geometry, forming a uniform film in the desired colour and protecting the entire structure against leaks and humidity, thus extending the life of the structure.

Of the wide variety of possible finishes for this type of solution, in this case the polyurea was covered with a stone finish using a cementitious adhesive as an anchor.





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