Polyurethane car spoilers improve aerodynamics

Did you know that the pieces that favor the aerodynamics of vehicles are made of polyurethane? The qualities of lightness and strength of these pieces turn polyurethane systems into one of the most suitable materials to manufacture them.

These pieces are intended to intervene in the airflow around the vehicle and they are known as spoilers. The front and rear skirts and the ailerons are some of the pieces known as spoilers that are made of polyurethane.

spoiler auto poliuretano sistemas

From aeronautics to our garage

The origin of vehicle spoilers is based on aircraft ailerons and, although both aim to improve aerodynamics, there is an important difference: spoilers in vehicles are inverted compared to those in an airplane. This is because spoilers help increase the adhesion of the car, eliminating some of the air that penetrates under the vehicle.

At the beginning, spoilers were placed in the rear of the vehicle, imitating the ailerons of formula 1 cars. However, spoilers can now be found mostly on the skirts and, on some models, also on the ailerons. Thanks to the incorporation of these elements, it is possible to increase the force exerted by the car on the road so that there is a greater friction between the tires and the asphalt.


Elaboration of polyurethane spoilers

The spoilers made with polyurethane systems have some qualities that favor the aerodynamics of the vehicles. The spoiler built of thermoplastic polyurethanes offers lightness, versatility to achieve the desired shapes, easy assembly and the possibility of painting or giving a metallic or chromed appearance.

In addition, polyurethane systems provide spoilers with a good resistance to external agents such as solar radiation, extreme temperatures, rain, etc. At the same time, we are investigating how to improve its adaptability to reduce damage in case of impact.

Furthermore, polyurethane spoilers can contribute to reduce the energy consumption of our vehicle.

spoiler poliuretano sistemas


Elastomer System 9163

Synthesia Technology manufactures a polyurethane system that offers a solution for the manufacture of car spoilers. This is the elastomer system 9163.

This system is designed for the manufacture of molded pieces by rotomolding, with high hardness and good physical and mechanical properties, which are characteristics required by the manufacture of spoilers.

You can see all the technical characteristics in the following sheet.

Would you like to learn about all the technical features of this system for car spoilers manufacturing? Request its facthseet in our contact page:



PUR/PIR Sandwich Panels Differences

PUR/PIR Sandwich Panels Differences

The production of polyurethane rigid foam sandwich panels has become a fundamental tool for high performance building systems.



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