Polyurethane profiles for windows: an optimal choice

The current trend in architecture is to achieve more sustainable and energy-efficient buildings. The aim is to reduce polluting emissions while increasing the economic viability of the dwellings. 

Improving the thermal insulation of a building will lead to energy savings and a reduction in CO2 emissions caused by heating and air conditioning.

In addition to the thermal insulation itself, other elements such as gaps, orientation and finishes have an impact on the energy efficiency of a building. For example, installing high energy efficiency windows with polyurethane profiles that prevent heat from escaping can considerably reduce leaks and currents caused by windows and glass (estimated at 40% of the total energy losses of a dwelling).

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Advantages of the use of polyurethane systems in the profile

Traditionally, metal, PVC or wood profiles are used for windows and other hollows in the façades. However, polyurethane also provides a solution for window profiles.

One of the biggest enemies in the thermal insulation of a house are thermal bridges. In order to prevent them, polyurethane can provide its excellent thermal properties to the carpentry of the envelope.

Polyurethane systems for the manufacture of window profiles have a double function. On the one hand, they act as thermal insulation in conflicting areas such as the gaps in the façade. And on the other hand, they have a sealing effect, providing tightness to the building.

It is estimated that the use of polyurethane systems in the manufacture of window profiles, along with other thermal insulation measures, can contribute to saving the equivalent of the annual energy needed to manufacture up to 135 million vehicles.

Contribution to the reduction of energy losses

European regulations are more and more demanding levels in terms of energy demand. One of the measures that can contribute to the reduction of energy losses through the envelope is the profiles improvement by using polyurethane systems in its manufacture.

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Synthemad 9669-X-85 polyurethane system for the manufacture of window profiles

Synthesia Technology manufactures the Synthemad 9669-X-85 product, a polyurethane system used to improve the energy efficiency of windows.

The system is designed for the manufacture of molded parts of high technical value in a wide range of density, especially indicated in the sector of the profiles of windows and doors.

Components of Synthemad 9669-X-85

This polyurethane system consists of two components:

1. Component A: Polyol 9669-X-85. Mixture of polyols containing catalysts, surfactant additives and foaming agents.
2. Component B: Isocyanate NH 10. MDI (Diphenylmethane diisocyanate).


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