Insulate with sprayed polyurethane different construction elements

Insulating with sprayed polyurethane is an effective option for achieving energy efficiency in buildings, whether in new construction or renovation. The reason for this is that it is a continuous, seamless layer that fills in gaps and cracks, thus ensuring watertightness, which is an essential feature in passive construction. Thermal bridges and air infiltrations are thus completely eliminated. 

Insulate with sprayed polyurethane different construction elements


Furthermore, as it is applied by projection on site, it adapts to all types of construction elements and singularities thanks to its flexibility and great adhesion. Sprayed polyurethane is also a very versatile material, which can be adapted to the needs of roofs, facades and floors, providing maximum insulating capacity with minimum thickness and so it does not compromise the living space. 

There is no doubt that a well-insulated thermal envelope is essential for a building to be efficient and healthy. Sprayed polyurethane is a very effective tool for this, as it waterproofs and insulates in a single process. 


Facade insulation 

Insulation with sprayed polyurethane is an optimal solution for ventilated facades. With its application they will become waterproof, watertight and will be thermally insulated. In addition, condensation will be avoided and protection against noise will be achieved.Nuevo llamado a la acción


Roof insulation 

Flat and sloping roofs need an intervention that provides total waterproofing. This is achieved with the sprayed polyurethane, as it forms a single uniform layer without cracks or joints, through which water can seep. It is very functional and effective, having a degree of waterproofing 5, which is the maximum. 

Also, the projection of this material resolves singular points and encounters between walls, which are usually conflicting. This completely avoids the appearance of leaks, since the continuous insulation membrane has a powerful sealing effect. In addition, the polyurethane resists UV rays and standing water, also allowing light pedestrian traffic

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Floor insulation 

Floors and slabs that are in direct contact with the ground or suspended can be effectively insulated using sprayed polyurethane. Furthermore, as it is a lightweight material that is resistant and durable, while at the same time it provides acoustic insulation, which is very important in residential buildings. For this reason it is also widely used in the acoustic insulation of interior partition walls


Ceiling insulation

In this case the intervention must be done from the inside, to guarantee the energy saving, which can be up to 40% in well insulated roofs. If there is a risk of condensation, it is advisable to add a vapour barrier on the hot side. 

Insulation with sprayed polyurethane is an efficient and profitable solution, given that its durability can exceed that of the construction element on which it is applied. Installation is simple, with hardly any work or need for adhesives or fastening systems. It saves on transport and storage and does not generate waste, so it is also an environmentally friendly option. 

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