Improving the insulation of a building by injecting polyurethane into air gaps

When facing the challenge of renovating a building, insulation is regarded as a wasteful expenditure of money by the owners and as a major challenge by professionals due to the great diversity of insulating materials in the market. Which insulation material is more efficient and more cost-effective? Which technique should be used?

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However, investing in energy efficiency is one of the most profitable investments that can be made in both new and renovation works. 

Thanks to an adequate building insulation we can ensure that, for most of the year, the house will maintain a comfortable temperature for its inhabitants. Therefore, the expenditure on heating and air conditioning will be greatly reduced

To improve the insulation of an existing building, different options can be considered. However, almost all of the options involve major works or reduce the useful space of the dwelling.

Is there a solution that provides everything we need without the need for major works? The best solution is the injection of polyurethane in existing air gaps.

Before beginning the execution, a feasibility study should be conducted in order to foresee all the problems that may arise during the work. In case that the typology of the wall allows it, and our study is favorable, this measure is one of the most effective.


Injection of polyurethane in air gaps

In order to inject polyurethane into the air gaps, a series of holes must be made in the interior walls. These shall be located in such a way that there is no more than one metre of distance between one and the other. They can not be aligned in a grid, since the diagonals would produce a greater distance than the one recommended.

We will then insert polyurethane foam through these holes. It will be done from bottom to top, allowing a correct filling of the air gap. There will be a slow expansion, which will completely fill the gap while adapting to the interior surfaces.

Once this is done, we will proceed to the closing of the holes and to uniform the surface of the walls. As it is a rigid material that fills all holes and cracks, it helps to improve the structural stability of the partition.

Injected polyurethane foam reduces the thermal conductivity of the enclosures by 8 times. The injection of polyurethane in the air gaps improves the thermal behavior, and consequently the comfort of the house, while also increasing the level of acoustic insulation.

DOWNLOAD. Video of a real case of application of polyurethane systems




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