High-density system recommended for livestock farms and farmsteads

Polyurethane insulation, whether in the form of sandwich panels, slabs or sprayed polyurethane, is the most suitable system for insulating livestock farms and livestock houses.

The main reason is that it allows maximum control of the conditions inside the buildings. This ensures that the temperature remains stable throughout the year and that the humidity, light and air quality are optimal for health and breeding. In addition, its low conductivity ensures durability and cost-effectiveness throughout the production process.

High-density system recommended for livestock farms and farmsteads


Sandwich panel and sprayed polyurethane for effective insulation of animal houses

In addition, polyurethane is a highly resistant material that is easy to clean, simple and quick to install, which is very important when you consider the large dimensions of industrial animal houses. In the form of sandwich panels or sheets, they can be quickly installed in false ceilings, ventilation, cooling or heating systems. This is why these high-density polyurethane systems are widely used in the insulation of walls and ceilings in animal houses.

It should also be noted that polyurethane sandwich panels are effective against the organic acids that are so prevalent in the livestock farming environment. In this way, greater biosafety and cleanliness is achieved, which has an impact on reducing the mortality rate of animals. These elements combine the properties of rigid polyurethane foam with those of the metal plates that protect it, making them highly durable and resistant.


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However, high-density rigid polyurethane foam projection is also used to insulate animal farms, especially to cover inaccessible places and irregular shapes with a continuous layer of insulation. 

It is also very effective for rehabilitating roofs or floors, always applying the appropriate thickness. It should be taken into account that if it is applied on the outside, it needs to be protected against UV radiation. If it is applied on the inside, it is necessary to prevent the high relative humidity inside the building from triggering interstitial condensation, in the case of sheet metal roofs. To prevent this, a vapour barrier or a ventilation system at the top are good solutions that can also be combined.

High-density system recommended for livestock farms and farmsteads


The advantages of high-density insulation in livestock farms and animal houses

As mentioned at the beginning, good insulation is key to ensuring the performance of livestock farms. High-density polyurethane does not emit toxic substances that can interfere with the quality of the final product, and results in better environmental quality, energy savings and lower feed consumption. In other words, insulating farms and livestock houses is a very profitable investment.

Synthesia products such as Poliuretan Spray S-303 and Poliuretan Spray S-3003E offer the highest efficiency when insulating farms. They allow you to cover uneven areas to achieve a uniform insulating layer that also protects against moisture and wear and tear.




PUR/PIR Sandwich Panels Differences

PUR/PIR Sandwich Panels Differences

The production of polyurethane rigid foam sandwich panels has become a fundamental tool for high performance building systems.



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